Yoga3Yoga is said to be a practice that benefits the mind, body and spirit. If you have ever practiced yoga you know how wonderful you feel at the end of a class. And everyone (regardless of age, athletic ability, etc.) can practice yoga – you simply experience the poses as you are able.

My purpose here is not to educate you on any one particular type of yoga, but rather to suggest poses that you may wish to try out. I will post new poses each month – try them out, play with them and see how they feel for you.

Whether you have an active yoga practice or are a beginner, these poses are a great way to experience the practice of yoga in your own home.

Note: Click on the name of the monthly poses and the link will take you to an external site that explains/illustrates how to do the pose, the benefits of the pose, modifications to the pose, and much more. I like to use a variety of websites – it’s an opportunity to expose you to various online yoga resources. You may also choose to do a general online search for these poses and find a resource that you like best.

Yoga 28


Yoga Poses for July (strong, independent poses):

July 6th– Upward Salute

July 13thTree pose

July 20thScale pose

July 27thSupported Headstand



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