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Episode #8 of the Small Steps, Big Successes Podcast is here! 

0004This episode of the Small Steps, Big Successes podcast is an interview Laura Souders, owner of Healthier Spaces Organizing.  I think you are going to love this episode!  In this episode of the podcast Laura shares her story of how she took a huge leap, leaving behind a secure job to begin her rather unique business.  You’ll also hear how her business has grown and changed over the past couple of years, what lies ahead, what inspires and motivates her, her plans to get on Oprah’s couch, as well as what she still struggles with despite all her success.  She also tells the story of her beautiful home which once belonged to hoarders.  It is a wonderfully open and authentic interview that I think you will not only love and be able to relate to, but that will inspire you as well.

Check it out on iTunes or on my podcast website.  And please let me know what you think – leave a review on iTunes or send me an email.  Your feedback helps me provide more motivational and inspirational material to help you on your journey!


Welcome to the Small Steps, Big Successes Podcast.   When I first started Small Steps, Big Successes, my original intent was simply to provide myself with a creative outlet as I was going through a major life-changing transition (otherwise known as a divorce).  However, it quickly became so much more – a beautiful platform for me to offer inspiration, motivation, and resources to others who were going through their own life-changing transitions.  Through the website, weekly blog posts, and now this podcast, I share many of the things I found to be helpful when I went through my own transition, as well as some of the lessons I have learned along the way.  No matter what kind of transition you may be experiencing (the end of a relationship, loss of a job, retirement, empty nest, career change, entering the work force for the first time, illness, etc.)…and no matter how big or small the transition you are facing may be…you will find things here that will help you navigate this uncertain time of your life.

And I am very excited to offer this podcast as yet another resource for you.  What can you look forward to with the Small Steps, Big Successes Podcast?  Well, there Podcast Artwork #3are three types of podcasts on the horizon:

  1. Topical ramblings – some random ramblings on a topic I chose…it could be something I am currently working with, it could be a current events-related topic, or it could be just a random topic I think will resonate with my listeners.  One thing is for sure though, it will be informative, motivational, and inspirational.
  2. Q & A sessions – this is where I answer your questions…so if you have questions you want to submit for a future Q&A episode please email them to me.
  3. Interviews – this is where I will be interviewing people who have been taking small steps to reach their own big successes…these are people who are doing great things in the world, who will inspire you to push forward through the peaks and valleys of your life.

And since this podcast is a new adventure for me, your feedback is very valuable.  Whether you choose to provide feedback by way of reviews or emails, I appreciate your thoughts on what I am doing here in this podcast as well as ideas for future topics, questions, and people to interview.