The Many Wonders of Life

I am spending a lot of time traveling this weekend. Lots of time in airports and on planes. Lots of time to observe the many wonders of this world in which we live and the people with whom we share this space. And I am struck by the many wonders of this life that are right in front of us if we just take a moment to see them. So many beautiful and amazing things for which to be grateful.

As I sat in the different airports waiting on my various flights I have been treated to a sea of people around me who have given me so much to contemplate. A plethora of beautiful, amazing, unique people doing what they do, the only way they know how to do it. People from all over the world and from all walks of life. People of all shapes, sizes, and ages. All the different outfits – this alone was quite educational. All the different accents. All the different walks…literally, it was fascinating to watch all the ways in which people walk…some people have some pretty amazing swagger while others I worry will be able to make it ten feet without tripping over their own two feet. This is the miraculous stuff you can come to notice if you just take a moment to look. So many little things to observe while sitting in an airport. It truly is fascinating.

Just the mere thought of wrapping my brain around how many of us there are in this world is enough, let alone how similar and yet unique we all are – the airport as a microcosm of society as a whole.

I have watched the dynamics of families with young children traveling together, of older couples and newly weds, and of people on business trips. Toddlers having melt downs because delayed flights are not within the realm of their understanding. The creativity of school aged kids as they try to entertain themselves while they wait for their flight. The patience of some parents…and the lack of it from others. The number of people lost in their devices and the resulting lack of conversation among people traveling together. In a way, sitting here and observing all the people in the terminal is almost like having a front row seat for one of those wild reality shows. In a matter of moments you get a glimpse of all that humanity has to offer – love, compassion, kindness, patience, understanding, judgment, rudeness, arrogance, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, sorrow, etc. Again, people doing and being what they know…the best they know how.

Then I boarded my plane. When I fly I prefer the window seat. I like being nestled in the row and being able to look out over the earth below. Talk about an amazing sight to behold. As I look down from 30,000 feet, how small everything looks. How insignificant. It is quite humbling. It really puts life into perspective. And it helps me reflect on just how incredible this world in which I live really is. The diverse landscapes and climate. The varied colors and landmarks. For me the time on planes goes by quickly as I become lost in my thoughts as I view the many sights on the other side of the window.

But then I have wonder how many other people traveling today took the time to reflect on these things. If I have to place a wager on the subject, I would guess it would be a very small number. Truth be told, not long ago I wouldn’t have noticed any of these things either. I used to be so easily caught up in the day-to-day trappings of life that I didn’t usually notice the people, places, and things all around me. And I think that is the place many people find themselves. I say that not as a statement of judgment, but rather as a matter of fact as it pertains to their current state of being or awareness. They too are doing what they do to the best of their ability to do it at this moment in time.

Then I arrived at my destination – a resort on the top of a mountain in Nevada. Words cannot fully express the beauty I am surrounded by here. The resort buildings tucked into the mountain so you can appreciate some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. Truly amazing. So much for the eyes to take in, and plan to spend the next few days walking the trails and soaking in the natural beauty of this incredible place. So much to be amazed by. So much to appreciate and give thanks for Internet this life.

Imagine just for a moment if we all would learn to see the amazing things that surround us everyday. I mean really see them for their incredible nature – really appreciate them, say thanks for them, feel them, embrace them, love them. What a game changer that would be. Talk about a powerful change in perspective.

What wonders of life are in front of you right now that you aren’t seeing? Your family? A beautiful blue sky? An incredible job? Amazing friends? Caring neighbors? Bountiful food? New opportunities? Vibrant colors? The ability to go places and see new things? Take a moment right now to pause and look around you. Give yourself permission to truly see all the amazing things, consider just how incredible they are, and be thankful to be fortunate enough to be here to experience and appreciate all of it