Feeling “Out Of Sorts”

Maybe it was because of the full moon. Maybe it was because of turning the clocks back an hour. Maybe it was because it was a crazy week at work.  Maybe it’s because I am facing a bunch of big decisions in my personal life.  Or maybe it was a combination of all of those things.  Who knows?  Regardless of the reason or reasons, I felt terribly out of sorts this week.  I haven’t been sleeping right.  My meditation practice has been all over the place – I had little to no focus.  All my normal routines were out of sync.  I even ended up with a migraine mid-week (and I don’t usually get those).  I just couldn’t seem to find my groove.  Everything felt off.

This isn’t something that happens often, but when it does it can wreck me for a good week or two…and I don’t like it. As with most people I imagine, I like when things in my life flow nicely, naturally, smoothly…and this week there wasn’t much flow at all.

I have tried, in the past, to just sit around and wait for it to blow over, but I have never been one to sit idly by and wait for something when I had the power to do something about it. Besides, that tactic has never seemed to help it move along very quickly. And so, I chose to rely on some strategies and techniques that I consider to be my “go to’s”…and they slowly, but surely, helped me move back into a place of balance.  Here’s what helped bring me back from the depths of feeling out of sorts – and I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with that sense of being out of balance in your life:

  1. Be patient with yourself – Becoming upset, irritated or angry with yourself (or anyone else for that matter) when things just aren’t feeling quite right in your life won’t solve anything. Having some patience and understanding with yourself can go a long way. Be loving and compassionate toward yourself.  Know that feeling out of sorts happens to everyone from time to time and that only through patience, understanding, and self-compassion will you rebound successfully.  As with many things, this too shall pass.
  2. Meditate – Even though my meditation practice is not at its best when I feel out of sorts, I know it is important to keep trying to meditate. And I know and accept that some days will be better than others. Some meditation is better than no meditation, to be sure.  The act of sitting quietly, being in the moment, and breathing goes a long way towards bringing yourself out of a state of imbalance or “ungroundedness”.  Using specific meditations which focus on or promote becoming more grounded can be especially helpful.
  3. Take time for yourself – I have found that when I feel out of sorts, the best thing I can do is take time for myself. That might mean curling up with a book, or sleeping in, or watching a movie…anything that is not part of the normal routine but feels good and supportive. Taking time for yourself is such a powerful way to help bring yourself back into alignment in the present.  Go ahead and give yourself permission to just do what feels good in the moment…it might just be the thing you need to turn things around.
  4. Take naps – Naps aren’t just for children, you know. In fact, I highly recommend them for adults, especially when we feel out of sorts. Being able to stop, take a break and rest can really help you collect yourself and get back to being grounded and feeling in balance.  And while this could technically be considered just another way of taking time for yourself, I have found naps to be so helpful that I put them in a category all their own.
  5. Walk away – Sometimes I just have to walk away from what I am working on for a while. I have found it is often better if I can come back later when my head is clear and focused. And while this is not always an option, when it is don’t be shy about doing it if it is helpful as you navigate the murky waters of being out of balance and out of sorts.

Truth be told, this past week I used all of these and then some and still struggled to shake that “out of sorts” feeling. Sometimes it is just like that. It happens to all of us.  But the important thing is to work through it- find the things that help you get back to feeling in balance with yourself.  There are so many things that impact us in the world – the weather, moon cycles, other people’s energy, interactions with others, emotional responses to situations, etc.  We may not be able to control those things, but we can control how we choose to respond to them…even when we are feeling out of sorts.  It’s worth repeating…this too shall pass.