The state of being happy. It’s what we all work toward.  It’s what we all say we want.  It’s what some will even say they currently experience in their daily lives.  Yet how many of us truly can say we are happy.  Oh, plenty of us are happy at specific moments…celebrating a birth, a wedding, an anniversary, a new job, a new relationship, a new house, taking that trip you have always dreamed of, seeing your kid graduate, getting to retire, visiting your favorite place in the whole wide world, etc. – we all experience happiness from time to time.  But what I am referring to here is a lasting state of happiness.  A state of being, not a temporary place to visit when certain things happen in our lives.  Having the experience of happiness every moment of every day.  Not possible you say?  It is understandable that so many people may think it is not possible.  One needs only to spend a small amount of time out in the world to pick up on all the unhappy people out there.  But, before you entirely dismiss this notion that it is possible to be truly happy, humor me long enough to consider the following…

Try a little experiment, if only for a few days. Force yourself to look for/see the beauty and awe in everything…the gloriousness of a sunrise even on a rainy day, the beauty and wonder of your child even as he or she tests your patience, the experience of traveling together as a family even when the car breaks down or the hotel says they don’t have your reservation, the lessons life is trying to teach you as it presents obstacles and challenges to you each day. Resist the temptation to notice only the negative (something we seem to have been taught to do practically since birth).  Instead, look for the good, the positive, the joy in each passing moment – there you will find ways in which you can grow and expand, ways in which you can become a better person, ways in which you can become a person who radiates positivity and kindness.  In doing so you can’t help but feel love, joy and happiness.  It change your perspective.  It changes your mindset.  It changes how you look at and feel about your world.  The negative melts away as the positive slides in.  It really is that easy, but it definitely takes a consistent, conscious effort to shift your focus and your mindset.

And when you reach that point, suddenly you won’t sweat the small stuff as much…it will all fall into place and you will begin to recognize that getting worked up over such small, insignificant things isn’t worth the loss of happiness. It transforms your view of the world and how you interact with everyone and everything in it.

Easy, no. Possible, yes. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.  (All these tings I say from my own personal experience.)  It might be a slow, steady process of change for you but then again it might indeed be a life-long process for you.  It may be something you are quick to set into place in one aspect of your life (i.e. home), while you struggle to experience the same level of success in another aspect of your life (i.e. work).  But that is part of the journey and while it can be frustrating at times, remember that nothing worth having comes easily.  Nonetheless, I promise that if you make the effort to see things for all their splendor, if you appreciate things for all they have to offer, if you see the good in people and opportunities, if you give without expecting to receive, if you love without expectation, if you shine your light out into the world, you will be transformed.  You will feel lighter, happier, and more content.  And isn’t that what we all want more of in our lives?