My Heart is Breaking

This is not the blog post that I had originally planned to share this week. But, in light of the events in Paris, I felt the need to share something different than I had initially prepared.

I have had the privilege of visiting Paris twice so far in my life time…and my third trip is set for this coming May. Simply put, I love Paris. I love the people, the culture, the food, the history, the language, the architecture.  I could live at the Louvre if they would let me.  The vibrancy and beauty that one experiences when visiting Paris is unparalleled in my opinion.  It is just such an amazing city – words alone can’t capture it adequately enough.  So to hear the news of such tragedy in this beautiful and beloved place is absolutely heart breaking.

My heart is breaking for the people of Paris, breaking for the state of things in the world, breaking at the sight of what we are capable of doing to one another in this world. The past few days I have found myself struggling to shake the heaviness and negative energy that seems to have fallen over us as a result of these events. The usual meditation, prayer, and energy cleansing rituals have just not been enough to help me bounce back as quickly as usual.  I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I have such a personal connection to Paris…but I also think there is something to be said for the fact that such events release unsettling energy into the universe that can be hard to get rid of in general.  We all feel it, we just describe it and deal with it in many different ways.  Nonetheless, I have been comforted by the number of calls to prayer, meditation and gatherings for the sake of oneness in the world on all the different social media channels though, as the first step to getting rid of the negative and replacing it with the positive is for masses of humans to come together in more positive, productive thoughts.

Peace and love start inside you and then expand outward. And while sometimes we tend to think that one person doesn’t have that big of an impact in the world, in cases like this I absolutely believe that we do. Start with yourself so that your impact on others and the rest of the world is one of peace and love, for that is how I think we will ultimately overcome and triumph.  Peace, prayers, and blessings to all those impacted by the shootings in Paris.

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  1. PeopleSavvyAmandaKing

    Thank you for writing this blog. It’s a reflection of how I feel too. It’s good to have a sense of community in wanting to make things more positive in the world.

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