Is it Spring yet?

As I sit to compose this week’s blog posting on rebirth and renewal there are 12 inches of freshly fallen snow outside. Makes it hard to believe that Spring is only 2 weeks away. And so the irony is that as I anxiously await the season that brings us the wonderful experience of rebirth and renewal, I am off work for the second day in a row…ah yes, “Old Man Winter”…pretty much the antithesis of rebirth and renewal.

I often contemplate moving somewhere that is warm all year long. Where there is no snow to shovel and no ice to scrape. I can assure you that after shoveling a foot of snow on Thursday, it really sounds like a fabulous idea today. But all joking aside, the thing that always causes me to pause when I find myself seriously considering a move to someplace warmer is that I would no longer experience the 4 seasons. As much as I dislike the cold and snow, there is just something rejuvenating about getting to late March or early April when the weather turns warmer and everything starts to get green, lush and colorful. I honestly think I appreciate Spring more because I am coming out of a season that is defined by cold weather, living things that have gone dormant, and a very blah color scheme everywhere you look. Indeed it is this contrast from the one season to the other that helps me appreciate the beauty of what Spring has to offer us.

This month’s theme, rebirth and renewal, was certainly not chosen by accident. With March being the launching point for Spring, which is by its very definition all about rebirth and renewal, it seemed a perfect fit. But Spring isn’t the only place we experience a rebirth or renewal. Many of us have had opportunities in our own lives to renew or rejuvenate ourselves, be it personally, professionally, or both. The great thing about every day being a new day is it affords us the chance to start over, to be someone different, to do things in a new way, to write a new chapter in our lives…this is the essence of rebirth and renewal. And how exciting! To know that if yesterday, last week or last year did not turn out the way you planned, you have the opportunity to write a whole new script for tomorrow, next week and next year. Don’t dwell on what didn’t go the way you wanted it to. Don’t let that inner critic beat you up for some thing you said or chose to do. Let it go and start anew. Just end that one act of the play called “Your Life” and let the next one begin. Of course it’s never quite as simple as I am making it sound here but, deciding you want to do that is half the battle…the other half is actually doing it (and how you do it), which is a topic for another time. For now, just revel in the fact that, in this month when we celebrate rebirth and renewal, you get to decide when to close one door and open a new one.

And so, in the words of Robert Browning, “My sun sets to rise again.”