The Boomerang Effect

Have you ever stopped to really contemplate the concept of karma? You know, the idea that what goes around, comes around…that you reap what you sow…that every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction…or that you should do unto others as you would have done unto you. Regardless of the words you might use to describe this phenomena, I believe we all have experienced it at various points in our lives. For me, that shared experience is what makes this week’s quote ring so true: “Don’t look for Love. Quietly give it away and let it find you back.” – Unknown

While this quote speaks specifically of love, when I read this quote I perceive a bigger message…one that goes beyond just love. I think it speaks to any interaction we have, any emotion we share. And so for this blog post I will deviate a bit from our monthly focus on love & relationships and speak more universally.

Society teaches us to go out and get what we want, and in many cases what we believe we deserve – it doesn’t traditionally have much tolerance for those who might choose to sit back and wait for something to come our way. And while there may be many applications in which that is an appropriate strategy, I believe it is not a universal plan for every aspect of one’s life. There are instances, and I would argue that sharing love is one such example, when giving something unconditionally to the rest of the world and allowing it to come back to you in its own time is a good and proper strategy.

The universe is designed to find and bring about balance…despite what we may choose to do in our daily lives, the universe seeks to bring about balance. I liken it to a boomerang – you send something out into the world and eventually it comes back to you in some, presumably, similar form. Whether it is our thoughts, emotions, or actions, what we do, think, and feel has a way of coming back to us…I would argue this is a universal truth.

As such, I would challenge you to make a conscious effort to give away only good/positive things so what comes back to you is equally good and positive for your life. In other words, be a good human…you will thank yourself later for it!