True Love

This week’s quote by author Steve Hall contains some powerful, truthful words – “The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them.”

Each of us expresses love differently and how we express love toward others speaks volumes. I am not talking just about romantic love, though that can certainly be a part of this discussion. I am talking about how we love others in general, especially those we may not know personally.

Think about all the people you interact with on any given day, no matter how brief the encounter. We each touch the lives of hundreds of people in a week’s time, if not more. How do we treat them? How do we show them love? Are they not worthy of being treated with love because we do not know them personally? Take a moment to really reflect on this…

I am often amazed at how we treat our fellow humans. Sure, we all have bad days and in those moments may not be as kind and loving as we might otherwise be…that is not what I am talking about here (not that we shouldn’t work to lessen the impact of our bad days too). I am speaking of the general lack of love and acceptance we express towards one another, especially when interacting with “strangers”.

It really is the simplest thing – a smile, a hello, a helpful gesture, a kind word…showing love doesn’t have to be some expensive or monumental task. Often, just taking the time to acknowledge the other person in some kind and caring manner is sufficient.

It may be somewhat cliché to look at it this way, but I think of how much kinder and more generous people tend to be toward one another during the Christmas holiday. I find it quite interesting to see such an increase in outward expressions of love toward one another each November and December. Why it is only then that we treat one another with such love and kindness? We’ve heard the expression, “We’re in this together.” Well, we are. We are all in this life together, so why not love one another, be kind to one another, and support one another? If you believe that “what comes around, goes around” then you know that giving away such expressions of love will come back to you…and in my experience, tenfold. Call it karma, call it fate, call it “paying it forward”, call it the ebb and flow of the universe…however you wish to label it, I do believe showing such love for your fellow humankind pays dividends in many ways.

And so I leave you with this final thought – As humans, we have the ability to feel a lot of things, but it is how we express those feelings that matters most. Remember to treat others with love and kindness – we all could certainly use a little more of those in our lives. Be that loving person for someone with whom you cross paths today.