The Color of Love…

Traditionally speaking, red is the color of love. You needn’t look far for proof of that, especially on Valentine’s Day. With red roses, red heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, red hearts adorning Valentine’s Day cards, and red hearts on balloons and stuffed animals everywhere you look, red is clearly our society’s color for love. But what color best reflects love for you? It very well might be a completely different color than red. It could be the color you associate with a person, place or thing that means a great deal to you…or it could just be the color you personally like the most…the color that makes you the most happy. Regardless of the color you see when you reflect on the word love, the important thing is to reflect on love, how it comes to you, how it makes you feel and who/what brings that feeling to you. Whether it is love of someone special, love of family or friends, love of your favorite place or thing, just be sure to take the time to experience and reflect upon that love as these are some of the things that tend to get lost in our hectic daily lives.

For me personally, while I can work with red as the color of love, if I really reflect on love, looking to the emotions that it invokes and to the color that arises through those emotions, my color for love is yellow. A bright, sunny yellow. When I contemplate the word love and I think of all the wonderful people in my life as well as all the places and the things that I love, I feel things such as happiness, thankfulness, and a sense of being surrounded by beauty. To me those emotions are best represented by the very happy color of yellow. When I see the color yellow I can’t help but smile, even if it is just to myself, because it is such a happy, joyful color!  And so for me, love is yellow.

Some final thoughts – with love comes joy, and joy brings vibrancy and happiness. What wonderful emotions to be able to experience! Take the time to reflect and feel…experience those beautiful emotions and discover who/what brings them to you – then make sure you include more of those people, places, and/or things in your life. You can’t have too much love and joy in your life! Happy Valentine’s Day!